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Pack-N- Rail Ltd’s extensive experience in the packaging of a variety of orders and using an array of superior solutions ensures that your products arrive safe and sound anywhere on the planet. With a 25 ton and a 10 ton overhead crane with large clearances and staging areas, Pack N Rail has the capacity to package very heavy and large equipment. Our highly trained personnel and fully equipped service vehicles are ever-ready, and can provide packaging requirements at any off site location.

Packaging Services Include:
  • Vacuum packing, using MIL spec moisture barriers and desiccants
  • Corrosion control using VCI professional industrial products such as impregnated films, papers, foams, emitters and coatings.
  • Protective packing, using protective foams, bubble pack, and corrugate
  • Custom packing, using custom bi-directional shocks, custom wood or steel frames and mounts, and custom specific hardware
  • Heat Shrink wrapping
  • On Site packaging
  • Software providing custom shipping documents and packing lists
Our packaging solutions ensure that your product is:
  • Protected from corrosion damage - from water, salt mist, condensation and humidity. Bare metal items to electronics we have solutions to provide maximum protection.
  • Protected from shock and vibration damage - while handling and during transportation equipment is subjected to shock and vibration, Pack N Rail has experience and products to ensure that even very delicate items are cushioned properly
  • Protected from movement damage - Pack N Rail designs and builds custom crates and skids so that packaged equipment is properly enclosed and secured and weight distribution is balanced to prevent movement during handling and transportation
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